Nice Light = Great Photos

The sun was setting, there was a slight breeze, and orange light poured over the desert. Sunset is the best time to take pictures. So wherever you are, whatever the background, always shoot in the evening light. In college my professor would tell us "get up early, shoot in the morning light, stay late and shoot in the evening and spend the rest of the day in the bar."

So with our high heels and dress clothing my step mom, my dad and I braved the desert terrain near Campbell & Sunrise. This was not a photo shoot; we just wanted to have a few memories of the weekend since they had flown in from Los Angeles for a weekend visit. We got it, we were there at the perfect moment, capturing the beauty of my family as well as what a wonderful vist we had.

Body Building

Oh my god! It's amazing to see these men in action. I was impressed with the dedication and determination it took to train for this event. It proves to me that what we put our mind to we can be successful at. We just have to do the work. To me they were all winners.

Do you hate having your picture taken?

Why does everyone shrug at the thought of taking their photograph?
Why do woman hate the way they look?

It's the most common statement I hear when I have my camera in my hand. "Don’t take a picture of me, I look terrible." The funny thing is that I can see the beauty in everyone. Everyone is beautiful and if shot properly we don't look like a dear in the headlights caught off guard with three double chins.

And actually I understand. I have always hated being in front of the camera. And if I happened to be in front of one I felt an immediate sense of dread. Now someone was watching, was a I standing right, did I have lipstick on, did I look fat, please don't look at me.

So what can I do to understand and change this?

I started on this journey of photographing myself, trying to understand which postures make me look the best and why, trying to relax and feel comfortable, and finally playing a role of some kind like an actor on stage instead of my clumsy body.

It has been a journey for me. Here is a preview of the exploration that I have done.

Always turn your face at an angle - it creates definition

Take lots of pictures

Don't use a wide angle lens. It makes your forehead look BIG


Pretend to be someone else

Alway turn your body slightly away from the camera - it makes you look thinner