Lindsay A. Miller

Can it get much better than this?

Barbara is an amazing woman. I liked her from the moment I meet her; her good energy and her free spirit. It really was a miracle that we got a pregnant woman as well as a newborn baby in the studio with less than three-day notice. That just says a lot about Barbara - her work is full of miracles. Barbara's company is called Surrogate Support; it does exactly that providing support for families who choose or need to have a surrogate mother to deliver their child.

"WOW. These are amazing! You are FABULOUS! The highlight of my whole trip was the photoshoot with you. You are definitely a miracle worker...I have told a zillion people how amazing it was that you pulled together a new born baby and a pregnant woman ..and presto! Lindsay magic!" - Barbara McCollough LICSW

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The Society of Hispanic Engineers 2008 Conference was a pleasure to cover; from the middle school students creating hands on projects to hearing Jaime Escalante speaks to a room full of people. What an amazing organization SHPE is!