Best Photographs of the Year 2010

I love that I can make my clients look and feel beautiful, align their brand to their photograph, give people the tools to step out and feel proud to show the world what they do. 2010 was a incredable year. I have photographing some of the most amazing people that help change the world. Thank you to all that make the year so enjoyable.

Client Spotlight

The Rule Breaker: Ingrid Kincaid

In my studio I do have rules. But I also believe that rules ARE meant to be broken on occasion.

One of my recent clients, Ingrid Kincaid, is one of those rule breakers.

First let me just say Ingrid a beautiful, passionate, and strong woman. She is the owner of Rooted in Wisdom. She is a teacher, mentor, and spiritual guide helping woman powerfully stand rooted in their own inner wisdom. She can change your life by reading the ancient alphabet of the Runes for you.

After a few minutes in our pre-shoot call I knew that the shoot was going to be fun. I learned that Ingrid is passionate about what she does, and that she loves life. She told me about her Rune tattoos. She also showed me her favorite photograph of her on her motorcycle. I knew right away she didn’t want what she called a typical “real estate headshot.”

We did not do “typical.” We actually broke every rule I typically follow in the studio. The biggest rule we broke is: no black. It’s not that I don’t like black, it’s just doesn’t photograph well. Black is the absence of light. I don’t want anything absent in a portrait. But we ended up shooting with a black background and she even wore black! And so what? It looks great!

I must say that they look great because they match Ingrid’s business brand message. Her website is black and rust. These photos are an extension of what Ingrid’s business stands for and says. They capture her essence in a visual way that everyone can easily absorb.

And THAT is what marketing with photography is all about!

Sedona, Arizona

My First Book is Ready to Order!

By Lindsay A. Miller

Kendall SummerHawks Money, Marketing and Soul Intensive

The Queen of Sales Conversion: Lisa Sasevich

The Million Dollar Marketing Coach

I recently photographed Kendall SummerHawk’s Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach Training program in Tucson Arizona. Kendall is called "The Million Dollar Marketing Coach" for good reason. I would know for I got to spend the day photographing one of her intense information rich conferences. Not only was she teaching how to make a successful seven figure business but how to maintain one year after year.

This October I will be photographing Kendall’s Money, Marketing and Soul Intensive: Your Blueprint for a Joyful and Authentic Million Dollar Business Conference in Tucson Arizona. To learn more about Kendall and her upcoming conference please visit

Are YOU Ready To Have MONEY In Your Hands?

You can learn a lot from a car salesman

I got to spend a few days with a group of car salesmen. What an interesting group of men! I really had a good time and I liked each and every one of them. They were outgoing, friendly, and had a crazy sense of humor. I felt right at home.

Car salesmen have to be good at many things but mainly how to sell since their income depends on it. They work closely with their managers negotiating the best deal, and then they have to be able to close the deal with the customer. I watched closely as managers stepped in and out during negotiations with clients when they were needed to close the deal. Sometimes, they helped the salesman if he was having a hard time closing, or sometimes they just let the the salesman to succeed on his own. The most important thing one of them said to me was, “If you want to be in sales, you must know how to close the deal.” He is right.

What I learned and took away from these gentlemen (men, because there were no women) was their attention to detail. They had thought and discussed every aspect of the sale. From where to stand, when to sit, when to be funny, when to be friendly, what the bottom line is, where they are willing to give, and where not to, and most importantly which skill set to use with which client. How do they do this was my question. Well I came to a few conclusions:

1) Lots and lots of practice
2) Accepting the help of some one who has done it longer and better
3) And they are prepared!

To me the whole thing looks stressful, but these men always had a smile on their face. If you want to know about sales who better to talk to than these men?

I got to ask them what advice they would give to novices.

This is what they told me:

“There is no trick on how to be a good salesman, but for me I enjoy my job, I enjoy doing the mundane things. This is what makes me successful. Each day, Monday through Friday, I make 50 phone calls, 50-100 faxes, and 200 letters. When others are waiting for customers to come in, I am bringing them in.”

“You need to spend 2 hours a day prospecting. You need to tell them why they should buy today and why they should buy from you.”

“Do not believe anything anyone says. Trust your gut, I get a feeling about people, whether they are going to buy or not. I trust that.”

“Be nice. People like to buy from nice people, every conversation is establishing trust. But not-so-friendly-people can make big money, because the bottom line is, people want to buy regardless of the salesman.”

“The experience customers have in your office/business is not about what you do; it’s about what attitude they walked in with. You need to be able to read quickly what attitude your customers bring to the table. If you can read people you will be amazed your self about how right you can be but also how wrong.”

Nancy Rice is an amazing Personal Chef! Wow what great food and what a great woman to work with. Just recently moving to Tucson Nancy has made a big splash with her food. She does your shopping for you and cooks right in your home!