Client Spotlight

The Rule Breaker: Ingrid Kincaid

In my studio I do have rules. But I also believe that rules ARE meant to be broken on occasion.

One of my recent clients, Ingrid Kincaid, is one of those rule breakers.

First let me just say Ingrid a beautiful, passionate, and strong woman. She is the owner of Rooted in Wisdom. She is a teacher, mentor, and spiritual guide helping woman powerfully stand rooted in their own inner wisdom. She can change your life by reading the ancient alphabet of the Runes for you.

After a few minutes in our pre-shoot call I knew that the shoot was going to be fun. I learned that Ingrid is passionate about what she does, and that she loves life. She told me about her Rune tattoos. She also showed me her favorite photograph of her on her motorcycle. I knew right away she didn’t want what she called a typical “real estate headshot.”

We did not do “typical.” We actually broke every rule I typically follow in the studio. The biggest rule we broke is: no black. It’s not that I don’t like black, it’s just doesn’t photograph well. Black is the absence of light. I don’t want anything absent in a portrait. But we ended up shooting with a black background and she even wore black! And so what? It looks great!

I must say that they look great because they match Ingrid’s business brand message. Her website is black and rust. These photos are an extension of what Ingrid’s business stands for and says. They capture her essence in a visual way that everyone can easily absorb.

And THAT is what marketing with photography is all about!